All things are easy that are done willingly (好きこそものの上手なれ, Suki koso mono no Jōzu nare) is the eleventh episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This episode features couple Junjou Terrorist.


Episode StoryEdit

Miyagi and Shinobu's story continues. As Miyagi walks to his car Risako arrives to get one last item, and comments that she felt Miyagi should have been more honest with her about his feelings. When she leaves he has a flashback of staying by someone's bedside and an empty wheelchair. His ruminations are interrupted by Shinobu's arrival home. Miyagi tries to make a hasty exit and in the process, drops a photo he'd been looking at. Shinobu presses him for details but Miyagi tells him to mind his own business. Shinobu once again declares his feelings, but Miyagi dismisses them. Shinobu then challenges Miyagi to sleep with him to show how serious he is. Miyagi makes an aggressive advance on Shinobu, but stops when Shinobu starts to cry. Shinobu leaves soon after. Driving home from work he reminisces about a teacher that he had loved, the woman in the picture. At home he finds Shinobu leaving, they talk and Shinobu reveals that he'd loved Miyagi even before they'd met during the attack. The next day, Shinobu's father calls and during the discussion it is revealed Shinobu is leaving to return to Australia. Miyagi rushes to stop him and gets there just in time.

* * *

Epilogue: Shinobu leaves a Bento at Miyagi's workplace.

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