Even a chance acquaintance is preordained (袖すり合うも他生の縁, Sode Suri Au mo Tashō no En) is the twelfth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the season finale of the first season.

This episode features couple Junjou Romantica.


Episode StoryEdit

The episode opens with Misaki sprawled out on the floor, apparently thanks to Usami. To convince Takahiro to let Misaki stay with him, Usami has told outrageous lies, all of which Takahiro believes. The next day, Keiichi tells Misaki to congratulate Usami for winning the Kikukawa Prize, but Misaki worries suddenly it might be for one of the explicit BL books. When he gets home Usami, Isaka, and Aikawa talking about preparations for a celebration party. The manager mentions that Haruhiko, Usami's older brother will be present, which troubles Usami. The two adults rush Usami off to the press conference, leaving Misaki feeling a little hurt he hadn't known. He decides to do something for Usami when he is interrupted by a delivery of flowers from Usami's brother. Later that evening, Usami returns and Misaki expresses the sadness he feels from being excluded. Usami finds it charming and decides to take Misaki to bed to "make a mess" out of him all night. Things are changed slightly, when Misaki tries to take the initiative, but is too embarrassed. He'd gotten the idea because Usami previously said that his BL books were a mix of hobby, profit and fantasy. It gives Usami ideas and he gives Misaki the rest of the BL collection and tells him to study it, which embarrasses him further.

* * *

Epilogue: Usami asks Hiroki why his housemate hasn't been speaking to him. *Romantica act 6-3*

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