What happens once can happen twice (一度あることは二度ある, Ichido aru koto wa Nido aru) is the first episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the thirteenth episode overall.

Episode summaryEdit

Usagi doesn't want to attend an awards party for the Kikukawa Prize, but Isaka tricks him into it by saying Misaki wanted to go. On the way to the party at a hotel, Misaki runs into Usagi's older brother Haruhiko. He does not realise the relationship until they arrive at the hotel and Usagi and Isaka see them together. A confrontation between Usagi and his brother ensues and Misaki surprises everyone by losing his temper defending Usagi. Isaka explains to Haruhiko that Misaki is Usagi's special someone. Usagi is very happy that Misaki got so angry for him. The next day Misaki receives some flowers from Haruhiko which surprises and bothers both him and Usagi.




Trivia Edit

Nowaki Kusama appears in this episode while working at the shop where Misaki buys flowers for Akihiko.


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