Third time's a charm (三度目の正直, Sando Me no Shōjiki) is the third episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the fifteenth episode overall.

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Misaki is now receiving strawberries from Usagi's older brother everyday. Because of this Usagi has started to buy Misaki strawberry products everyday as well. Misaki can't stop Haruhiko sending him strawberries, as he has no way of getting in touch with him. When leaving the university the next day, Misaki runs into Haruhiko who was driving past hoping to see Misaki. Misaki wants to ask him to stop sending the strawberries but ends up being taken to Haruhiko's house. Usagi sees Misaki getting into Haruhiko's car. When they are at Haruhiko's house Misaki learns from the butler that Usagi and Haruhiko are half brothers, from different mothers. Haruhiko tries to persuade Misaki to stay at his house rather than return to Usagi, but locks Misaki in a storeroom when Usagi arrives at the house. Usagi is told that Misaki has already left but the dog leads him around to the side of the house where Misaki is attempting to escape from the room by climbing out of the window. He falls and sprains his ankle. Usagi picks Missaki up and becomes angry at Haruhiko. Usagi then tells Haruhiko that he won't let him steal Misaki and kisses Misaki in front of everyone before leaving. Misaki ends up being carried piggy back style to the house while thinking "I just kept thinking that I needed to get back to Usagi..."

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