Love does not follow logic (恋は思案の外, Koi wa Shian no Hoka) is the eighth episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the twentieth episode overall.

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An anxious Miyagi lying on his sofa ponders the complete absence of Shinobu-chin. Miyagi then starts questioning Shinobu's sincerity about their relationship. Miyagi attempts to reassure himself with the fact that he is the one who is being chased, but fails with the realization that he is at the mercy of the teenage boy. Miyagi tries to call Shinobu, but Miyagi's ex-wife answers. After a short conversation, Miyagi finally realizes the issues troubling Shinobu. Miyagi searches through his calendar for an appropriate day to confront Shinobu, only to find a particular date circled. At first, Miyagi questions the significance of the date, then suddenly realizes that the date circled was one he would normally never forget: the date of death of the woman he loved years ago. Several days later, Miyagi drives to Shinobu's school only to find him with a foreigner. At the sight of Miyagi, Shinobu grabs the foreigner's hand and runs in the opposite direction. Miyagi chases Shinobu with his car and, at the peak of his anger, plays a scenario in his mind of what their supposed break up will be like. Wearing a disguise, Miyagi manages to confront Shinobu, and learns Shinobu's side of the story. Miyagi realizes how insecure Shinobu became upon discovering that the only object Miyagi truly cherishes is a photo of him and his past love. Miyagi throws Shinobu into his car, and after a long drive, they end up at the grave of Miyagi's former love. There, Miyagi confesses his love for Shinobu and requests forgiveness, as he will finally let go of his past love.

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