Hate the sin but love the sinner (其の罪を憎んで其の人を憎まず, Sono Tsumi wo Nikunde Sono Hito wo Nikumazu) is the eleventh episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the twenty-third episode overall.

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Misaki starts the new year with a dilemma - he has received invitations to various events from all three Usagi men on the same day. He agrees to go with Usagi to a hot spring resort. Usagi is notified that a family meeting will be held to discuss dispersal of an inheritance. Usagi says he doesn't want any money but Misaki coaxes him to go to the meeting on the way to the hot spring. Usagi briefly attends the meeting, then runs out and tells Misaki that he forgot to finish the manuscript he was working on. At the hot spring Usagi tells Misaki that he refused the inheritance of 1.3 billion yen (~$14 million). While Usagi works on a manuscript Misaki soaks in the hot spring, and he runs into Usagi’s father. Usagi’s father asks Misaki some questions about his relationship with Usagi, expressing surprise that they get along. Usagi’s father describes Usagi as emotionally fragile. Because he wants his son to be happy, he doesn't want Misaki to stay with Usagi if his feelings are half-hearted. Misaki passes out in the tub, but when he awakens he tells Usagi what happened and Usagi says everything is fine. When Usagi disappears for a long time to buy cigarettes Misaki goes looking for him and finds him talking to his father. He eavesdrops and hears Usagi’s father say that Misaki will one day become a burden to him. Misaki confronts them and says there is nothing half-hearted about his feelings. Usagi tells his father that Misaki's influence in his life has made his writing more kind and gentle. Alone in a hot bath Usagi reassures Misaki that he loves him, that he will never let him go, and that no one else's opinions matter. The episode ends with Aikawa calling in a frenzy because Usagi has still not completed his manuscript.


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