Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail (遠慮なければ近憂あり, Enryonakereba Kinyuu Ari) is the twenty-sixth episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the second episode of season three.

This episode features couple Junjou Romantica. 


Misaki is having trouble deciding on a career, and Usagi is feeling maybe just a teeny-tiny bit insecure about the future. -sypnosis taken from MyAnimeList


Mizuki is still staying with the Romantica couple. The couple still thinks about the existing staying-together-limit problem.

Fans of "The Kan" Misaki and Todo finally strikes up a conversation(of course its because of "The Kan") and soon became friends.

When Misaki ponders on his future, he meets Aikawa by chance who drops a 'sort-of' solution for him: Try out as a part time editor at the manga department.

Kaoruko drops by at Usagi's and this causes an unseen rivalry of Misaki from Mizuki. Mizuki tries to make Misaki jealous when Kaoruko gets close to Misaki, this causes some conflict within the four and Mizuki revealed that his staying might have something to do with Fuyuhiko (Usami's father).

Usagi makes a call to Fuyuhiko and Fuyuhiko uses this chance to cause Usagi to feel insecure which on the latter affects sensitive Misaki as well.

An argument ensue with three of them and Usagi tries to kick the two 'visitors' out but instead got kicked out instead with Misaki by Kaoruko. (that's a little helping hand from Kaoruko -winks winks-)

Usagi proceeds in prompting a drive and during this time, Misaki confronted with Usagi who he feels that is acting weird the whole day. Seeing Misaki concern attitude, it settles a bit of Usami's insecurities and he confides some of his worries to Misaki and they shares their thoughts.

Shy Misaki uses a lame excuse to make Usami build a sand castle, at the same time Usami encourages Misaki and in turn Misaki also clears up Usami worries at that moment. They kissed and make up.

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