Even the Longest Journey Begins With A Single Step (千里の道も一歩から, Senri no Michi mo Ippo kara) is the twenty-ninth episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the fifth episode of season three.

This episode features the Junjou Romantica couple.


Misaki gets deep in thinking about his potential job in Marukawa. Usagi helps him. Misaki later worries about what he is and what he wants.


This week's episode begins with Misaki celebrating his passing of the Murakawa screening test. Usagi reminds him however there's still three interviews to go before he gets the job. Usagi suggests they practice a mock interview.

During the mock interview, Usagi brings up his own work and asks if Misaki would ever model for the series. This leads Usagi to tell him that he will surely fail if he gives his negative answers like that. At his internship, Misaki learns that publishing books involve a lot more aspects than he initially thought.

Later at home, Misaki proposes a new answer to his interview questions. Usagi approves and they share a sweet moment.
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At the final interview, Misaki realizes that Isaka, the troll of Murakawa, will be leading the interview. The questions are routine until they ask how Misaki will respond to the idea that Usagi is the reason Misaki got into the company.

Misaki responds by saying that he hopes the company will someday make him someone that is worthy of praise on his own. Back at home, Misaki and Usagi's time alone is interrupted by some random babysitting of Misaki's nephew.

Usagi tries to pick up where they left off when the baby falls asleep, but Misaki freaks out on him, feeling inadequate because of the job interview. Misaki and Usagi eventually make up, Usagi saying that he loves Misaki for who he is.

Several days later, Misaki receives his official job offer from Murakawa.


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