A Battle of Irreconcilable Enemies (水火の争い, Suika no Arasoi) is the thirty-third episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the ninth episode of season three.

This episode features the Junjou Romantica couple.


Akihiko and Ijuuin have their interview for Marukawa. In an effort to escape the crowds afterwards, Ijuuin pulls Akihiko and Misaki into an unused room. Misaki leaves the two to find drinks for them while they wait and Ijuuin tells Akihiko that he is in fact in love with Misaki.


A seemingly grim interview goes for Ijuuin and Akihiko; inner competition of Misaki's actions. While the interview ends, Misaki also ends his shift at Marukawa and intends to leave avoiding any of them on his way. Things doesn't goes as his plan and on his way out, he meets with Chief editor kirishima, editor Ishi and Ijuuin-sensei. Kirishima and Ishi then left when a staff asked for assistance. When Misaki attempts to leave, Ijuuin baits him with a 'The Kan' figurine that has not release to sale yet. Ijuuin seemingly removes a thread caught within Misaki's hair, Usagi appears right at that moment and becomes angered.

When Usagi intends to leave with Misaki, Isaka appears to announce nomination on a book of Usagi. Ijuuin, Usagi and Misaki leaves halfway of Isaka proud continuation announcement. When Ijuuin tries to ask if Usagi and Misaki is in a relationship, Misaki panics- and Usagi asks him to leave immediately which he does so.

Back at Usagi's, Misaki is kneading dough and Usagi comes home half-drunk from a unseen dinner party assumingly hosted by Isaka. When Usagi asks Misaki if he loves Ijuin which Misaki answers yes.. But before Misaki can continue his unfinished sentence, Usagi "attacks" Misaki. When Usagi fell asleep, Misaki watches Usagi sleep while thinking how Usagi always considers his thoughts first. (had a nice lil sad moment there slight sobs)

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Next morning, Misaki bakes bear cookies and Usagi demands Misaki to quit his job at Marukawa. He then proceeds to congratulate Usagi on his nomination on his book, but a phone call interupts him. Misaki picks up and kirishima asks him to pick up manuscript from Ijuuin's.. we sees a grim Usagi standing behind him.

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  • In the Manga, Misaki replies to Akihiko question to loving Ijuuin is "I suppose i do" in one of the translation.


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