Hours Are like Days to Lovers Parted (逢いたいが情、見たいが病, Aitai ga Jou, Mitai ga Yamai) is the thirty-forth episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the tenth episode of season three.

This episode features the Junjou Egoist couple.

Synopsis Edit

It's Nowaki's birthday and Hiroki reserves a table at a restaurant to celebrate. Nowaki, however, has an influx of work at the hospital and has to cancel. He's delivered to Kamijou, out cold, by Tsumori who also informs him that Nowaki had been distracted all day because of their canceled plans and tells Hiroki to be less of a burden on him. Hiroki is later assured by a half-asleep Nowaki. The second half takes place and unspecified amount of time later, wherein Nowaki is worried over the lack of time he and Hiroki get to spend together due to their conflicting schedules and because of a marriage offer sent to Hiroki. Nowaki thinks of the "what if's" of what's going to happen to their relationship if he didn't become a doctor or if they weren't together. Later on, they bump into Akihiko and Misaki and Nowaki wonders what would've happened if Hiroki dated Akihiko instead making him feel depressed. Hiroki says that he's glad that Akihiko finally met someone who was worthy of living together with him and gives Nowaki a letter denying the marriage offer and placing it in the mail. He then later states that he knew Nowaki would get all depressed if he didn't know what was happening, and that makes Nowaki glad. It later on, ends with Nowaki wanting to formally meet Hiroki's parents.  

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