Away from home, one needs feel no shame (旅の恥はかき捨て, Tabi no Haji wa kaki Sute) is the eighth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This episode features the Junjou Romantica couple.


Episode StoryEdit

Opens with Misaki being told he is going to go back to living with Takahiro. Misaki believes that he has become a burden to Usagi, so he doesn't object. He goes to visit his brother in Osaka before Takahiro comes back to Tokyo. At his brother and sister-in-law's home he realizes this is what a normal family should feel like, but ends up getting mad when Takahiro starts criticizing Usagi. Misaki begins to notice he feels lonely. Usagi is at home and constantly thinking about Misaki. It is revealed that he let Misaki go because Takahiro said that Misaki blames himself for their parents deaths. Misaki asked them to hurry home and they sped home in the rain and crashed. Misaki does everything he can not to become a burden to anyone or to ask too much of them. Misaki phones Usagi from the train station but Usagi accidentally says something that upsets him. He tells Misaki to wait there and turns up 3 hours later. He drags Misaki onto a different train and tells him he won't ever let him go. Misaki is forced to decide what he actually wants to do, and says that he just doesn't want to cause trouble for Usagi. Usagi asks him to stay with him and Misaki says yes. They spend the night together having sex in a private sleeper car. The next day Misaki sees that they are in Sapporo. Usagi says it is a birthday present for Misaki. The episode ends by revealing Usagi's small obsession with Marimo.

* * *

Epilogue: Romantica couple spending time in Sapporo. *Romantica Act 5.5*

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