Haruhiko Usami is a supporting character in the Junjou Romantica series. He is Akihiko Usami's older half-brother, and he falls in love with Misaki Takahashi.


Haruhiko is generally cold and disapproving towards his brother, if he doesn't despise him deeply. He and his brother might hate each other and seem like night and day but as the story progresses you come to realise that his and Akihiko's personalities are quite similar. It is also noted that in the past Haruhiko would take things from Akihiko (out of jealousy?) and Akihiko would allow it to happen, though as Haruhiko becomes set on taking away Misaki (as result of falling in love with him) Akihiko refuses to let it happen stating, that "he is the one thing I won't allow you to have", before kissing Misaki in front of him and Tanaka.


Haruhiko has short unevenly cut brown hair that lays longer on the right side than it does on the left and comes down just below the back of his neck. He also has matching coloured eyes, hiding behind a pair of glasses. Haruhiko has only ever appeared wearing suits (as of latest appearance).

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Haruhiko insulting Usagi-san

Haruhiko Usami is the son of Fuyuhiko Usami and Akihiko Usami's elder half-brother. He met Takahashi Misaki at the subway; where Misaki accompanied him to his destination, which happens to be the same as where Misaki was heading to (Teito Hotel). During the train ride Haruhiko question's the younger male on the flowers Misaki is holding, Misaki says he likes flowers (though they are actually a gift for Usagi) as a result of this Haruhiko ends up sending Misaki flowers, then strawberries and lastly cherries later on (since Misaki is bad with words).

As they arrive at the hotel, Misaki soon learns the stranger he was riding with was in fact Usagi's older brother, then watches as the two argue, and ends up calling Haruhiko an idiot (BAAAAKAAAAA!) Which makes Haruhiko interested in Misaki, later turning to love (maybe because he's a M) Which is when he begins to send stuff (listed before) to Misaki, which annoys Usagi-san.


Akihiko Usami

Younger Half Brother; whom he hates

Misaki Takahashi

His brother's lover; whom he also loves.

Fuyuhiko Usami

Father; whom is his boss.

Kaoruko Usami

Akihiko's cousin; whom he nearly married

Ryuuichiro Isaka

Childhood friend; whom is Akihiko's boss


  • In the manga, Haruhiko actually kissed Misaki while in the anime, he was unsuccessful.
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