Yoh Miyagi or You Miyagi[1] (宮城 庸, Miyagi Yō) is a main character in the Junjou Romantica series. His lover is Shinobu Takatsuki and their relationship is known as Junjou Terrorist.


Miyagi is 35 years old. He has black hair and dark blue eyes.


Miyagi is the ex-husband of Shinobu's sister Risako Takatsuki, and currently the lover of Shinobu. He is 17 years older than Shinobu, he being 35 and Shinobu being 18. His first love was his Sensei in high school, and after her death, he had trouble truly opening his heart to new relationships. He divorced Risako after three years of marriage because of this. After the divorce, Shinobu made his move and finally tore the walls of Miyagi's heart, and Miyagi fell in love with his "terrorist".

Miyagi is a literature professor at Mitsuhashi University. He is Hiroki Kamijou's boss and a subordinate of Shinobu's father. Miyagi is often playful when it comes to teasing Hiroki. He once tries to kiss Hiroki but is stopped at the last minute by Nowaki Kusama. Nevertheless, he seems to be supportive of Hiroki's relationship with Nowaki.



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  1. Transliteration differences. "You" is confusing for English speakers and pronounced differently, so "Yoh" is generally used.
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